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Winners of the 25th International Miniature Art Show

JUDGES’ STATEMENT: It was truly an honor and delight to judge the 25th Annual Show! Having seen the show online beforehand we must say our initial impressions pleasantly surprised us in so many ways. It’s so true that you really can’t fully appreciate art unless it is in person. The size, scale and charm of the works were lost online but drew us close in the gallery. The quality was overwhelming better standing in front of these gems which made our job tougher! The tighter size and framing guidelines for this show added to the initial visual impact too. It is true that a lot of award winning work went without recognition in the end. Many artists found themselves in the more competitive media categories. In all cases, we considered the refined technique and overall presentation in our selections. Even the titles held sway a few times, particularly when trying to pick which work from an artist we would recognize. An added joy in the process was meeting Melanie and the staff in person and being present when quite a few patrons came in to marvel at the show. – Wes & Rachelle Siegrist.

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callingallangelsBest in Show:
“Calling All Angels” by Lynn Ponto Peterson: The top award is always a tough choice as there’s always others with exquisite technique and presentation. It ultimately comes down to what impresses the judge the most and holds their attention. Lynn’s painting “Calling All Angels” captured attention from a distance and held it even under carefully observation with a magnifying glass. She captured beautifully the nuances in texture from shiny metal to delicate lace, and enhanced the still life further with dramatic lighting.
Click Calling All Angels to see more details. 

MarylandPolo2nd Place:¬†“Maryland Polo” by Judy Lalingo:¬†Judy’s in-your-face tight composition impresses upon the viewer a feeling of almost if you don’t move, you’re gonna get run over. ¬†The tight crop was a bold move to emphasize this drama and perfectly illustrates breaking the rule of avoiding a bullseye composition.¬†Click Maryland Polo for more information.

SolarGlass3rd Place:¬†“Solar Glass” by Janet Laird Lagassee:¬†Choosing which of Janet’s three entries would take the award, as they were all masterfully done. ¬†We felt “Solar Glass” was infused with light and vibrancy. ¬†The dynamic in the piece though was here treatment and cropping to use the shadows to add such impact.¬†Click Solar Glass for more details.

lowtideatclovellyukBest Transparent Watercolor: ¬†“Low Tide at Clovelly, UK” by Alan Farrell:¬†Alan’s deft touch and meticulous detail can hold your attention for a long time under a magnifying glass. His wonderful use of line and atmospheric perspective also draw you deep into this painting.¬†Click Low Tide at Clovelly – UK for more details.

alhambraatmosphereBest Opaque Watercolor:¬†“Alhambra Atmosphere” by Beverly Fotheringham:¬†¬†We both loved the warm light bathing this interior scene beckoning you to enter, as well as Beverly’s patient care with all of he architectural details. ¬†The bird is a nice surprise when you step closer to the work.¬†Click Alahambra Atmosphere for more details.

swampBest Oil:¬†“Great Swamp” by Charles Rowe:¬†¬†Charles is a master of capturing atmosphere and in “Great Swamp”, having ourselves been in these Florida springs before, felt he captured it perfectly through employing limited values and lack of contrast in select areas. Knowing what to play and play down is what makes art sing.¬†Click Great Swamp¬†for more details.

ivegotthebluesBest Acrylic:¬†“I’ve Got the Blues” by Tykie Ganz:¬†As the great title helps illustrate, this painting is all about one color. ¬†Tykie’s wonderful composition and technique was enhanced beautifully by her simple, stark, white matting and framing. To us miniatures are hand-held packages and presentation contributes a major role.¬†Click I’ve Got the Blues for more details.

sunningonthewindowsillBest Pastel:¬†“Sunning on the Windowsill” by Anita Boyers:¬†¬†It is inherently difficult to work on miniature scale, and some media is prone to more difficulty. ¬†Anita succeeded brilliantly¬†in this composition with her pastels. ¬†The dark tail adds visual weight to balance the empty space on the right side of this work.¬†Click Sunning on the Windowsill for more details.

Ham302Best Etching:¬†“Ham” by David Hunter:¬†Capturing a sensitive portrait with stark contrasting lines is demanding of an artist’s ability, and even more so on such a wee scale. ¬†David’s choice of framing enhanced the historical feel of this Biblical character creating a charming presentation.¬†Click Ham for more details.

betterthantelevisionBest Drawing:¬†“Better Than Television” by Melissa Nece:¬†¬†A title can add so much to a work of art. ¬†¬†It can bring a smile, evoke an emotion and even cause a chuckle. All of Melissa’s works were meritorious, but the composition and title pushed this one to the top for us. ¬†It also did what great art can be capable of doing, placed us in the chairs!
Click Better Than Television for more details.

spoonbillfamily1stBest Sculpture / Metal: ¬†“The Spoonbill Family” by Paul Eaton:¬†The scale of Paul’s work is particularly charming inviting the viewer to pick up and cradle it for careful inspection, with each angle providing a new discovery. ¬†Holding attention in the round on such a small scale is especially challenging, but superbly achieved here. ¬†Click The Spoonbill Family for more information.

BrightsunshinydayfrontBest Sculpture / Other Media:¬†“Bright Sunshiny Day” by Joy Hannan:¬†This work demonstrates why art is best appreciated in person. ¬†Seeing this shadow box online loses so much of the joy to be found when holding it in your hand and viewing it from different perspectives. ¬†Each turn of the hand is a new discovery of a hidden object or reflection, otherwise unknown to those viewing it on a computer. ¬†Joy’s choice of materials were perfect to reinforce this charm of discovery.¬†Click Bright Sunshiny Day for more details.

tirnanogBest Mixed Media:¬†“Tir Na nNog” by Mary Serfass:¬†The intricacy in Mary’s technique captures perfectly her subject matter of tangled foliage. ¬†Her presentations from framing to out-of-the-box compositions, draw you in, and in this case delights you with a magical find of glowing reflective fireflies. ¬†Click Tir Na Nog for more details.

crustaceanBest Abstract:¬†“Crustacean” by William McCoy:¬†Abstracts can be particularly difficult to judge in miniature. ¬†For us a qualification beyond captured interest is they should appear to be designed for this scale, Conceived versus haphazard. ¬†Man’s prehensive ability to see something that is not there is perhaps a big reason why we stare at ¬†the clouds or find something representational in a design meant to be ambiguous. Admittedly we both saw a “Shrimp” before we read William’s title: “Crustacean”.¬†Click Crustacean for more details.

littlemanPeople’s Choice Award: “Little Man” by Michelle Pattee. This was chosen by all of our wonderful collectors that voted for their favorite works of art in the show. Click Little Man for more details.