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Winners in the 26th International Art Show

You can see the entire show at 26th International Miniature Art Show
JUDGES’ STATEMENT: ¬†It was an honor and a pleasure to judge this show – a daunting task indeed! I had to ask several questions:
How well did the artist command the medium?
How well did the artist handle detail?
Does the work embody the “spirit” of miniaturism?
There were so many wonderful works in this exhibition that it was nearly impossible to decide. I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating. In the end, I didn’t “give” awards, I merely acknowledged the artists who earned them. Mary Serfass
Crossing The FallsWes1st Place: 
“Crossing the Falls by Wes Siegrist”:¬† I was drawn to Wes’s masterful treatment of the water, the depth and composition. This piece is filled with motion and fluidity and drama.
Click Crossing the Falls to see more details.
2nd Place: 
“Surf’s Up by Paul Eaton”: The composition of this sculpture really stands out here and the detail is amazing.
Click Surf’s Up¬†for more information.
3rd Place:
“Buddy” by Linda Rossin:¬†Some artist can take a subject that is by nature generally considered unattractive and present it in an attractive way. Linda has done this with her use of light, detail and composition. She has nailed this one!
Click Buddy for more details.
 Best Transparent Watercolor:
“Top of the Tree” by Janet Laird Lagassee: The color yellow is often my nemesis, and Janet has handled it beautifully. The apples are solid, the reflections are subtle, and the overall balance of positive and negative space are the elements that make this painting work.¬†Click Top of the Tree for more details.
 Best Opaque Watercolor:
“The Winter Prince” by Lynn Ponto Peterson:¬† This is a magical piece. The depth and the balance of light and dark invite the viewer into the painting itself.¬†Click The Winter Prince¬†for more details.
Best Oil:
“Chincoteague Palomino #13” by Karla Mann:¬† The detail of the leaves and grass, the play of light on the pony and the dappled reflections makes this painting stand out.
Click Chincoteague Palomino #13 for more details.
 Best Acrylic:
“In Harford Fields” by Judy Lalingo: It’s easy for the viewer to lose oneself in this painting. From the tangle of the tree roots and branches to the soft focus of the distant landscape, you will find that the longer you look, the more you will see.¬†Click In Harford Fields for more details.
 Best Pastel:
“Summer’s Glory” by Christine Bass:¬† Pastel can be a difficult medium to control and Christine controls it well. Her bright, fresh colors float throughout the piece and conveys the feeling of the season.
Click Summer’s Glory¬†for more details.
 Best Etching:
“On the Beach” by Viviane DeKosinsky:¬† I know how difficult etching can be. This piece is not only beautifully detailed, but fresh and alive with color. Click On the Beach¬†for more details.
Best Drawing:
“Splashy Boy” by Melissa Miller Nece:¬† It can be difficult to render detail with colored pencil. Melissa’s treatment of the water, as well as her solid rendering of the boy has earned this award for best drawing.
Click Splashy Boy for more details.
Best Sculpture Metal:
“Saddlebred Express” by Cathy Kuzma:¬† The detail of the horse and the unique presentation made this piece stand out. The postage stamp behind it reinforces the actual size of the piece.
Click Saddlebred Express for more information.
 Best Sculpture / Other Material:
“Morning Has Broken” by Joy Hannan:¬† So much to see in this piece! Thee is some lovely detail here and when held up to a light, much more is revealed. Again, the more you look the more you’ll see!
Click Morning Has Broken for more details.
Best Mixed Media or Encaustic:
“Wildflowers” by Carol Lopez:¬†The colors and textures of this piece stood out to me. Carol has pushed the wax into lovely fresh shapes creating a sense of movement throughout.
Click Wildflowers for more details.
Best Abstract:
“Somewhere I” by Majy Benjamin:¬† Abstracts in general are not as easy as some might think. Miniature abstracts are even more difficult. This piece shows thought and careful planning, random and yet not random. It is intriguing.
Click Somewhere I for more details.
¬†People’s Choice Award:
“Made in the USA” by Tykie Ganz:¬†This was chosen by the collectors who voted. The medium for this beautiful piece is acrylic. Click Made in the USA¬†for more details.