Diamond Coral Design Ring 14kt Two Tone Gold


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Artwork Description

Diamond Coral Design Ring 14kt Two Tone Gold. Here is an artistically designed diamond ring. It is hallmarked VL 14kt. It is designed with a yellow gold shank and top resembling fan coral. The center contains one row of three old European cut diamonds individually set in white six prong settings. The center diamond is approximately 0.23 ct and is VS2 in clarity. There is a nick on the girdle edge that is not visible to the eye and does not affect the durability, and it appears to be H in color. The two side diamonds are approximately 0.08 ct each and are S12 in clarity and appear to be H-I in color. The total estimated diamond weight is 0.34ct. The gold is estimated to weigh 8.66 pennyweights. The ring was cast, assembled and handset and is in excellent condition.

A European cut diamond is an old style of faceting a diamond in a round shape, hand worked, in a less than perfect fashion. This style enabled the diamonds 58 facets to show broader reflective bands of brilliance returning back up through the top portion of the diamond (the table facet). This characteristic gave the diamonds more personality and timelessness than their modern cut counterparts of today. While being cut with less than exacting proportions, these diamonds have a beauty and magic of their own which give them a desirable, distinct beauty just as the bygone era in which they were fashioned and represent. This cutting style began to disappear around the turn of the century (19th to 20th).

This includes an insurance appraisal of $2,600.00.

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