Artwork Description

Swirl, or Sky Swirl, is an original color lithograph by Alexander Calder. The paper¬†measures 26‚Ä≥ x 20‚Ä≥, excellent condition; modern black frame is 34 ¬†1/2″ x ¬†28 ¬†1/2″. The art is signed and dated in the plate with the artist‚Äôs ¬†initials ¬†on the lower right, CA ’74. Publisher was Atelier Fernand Mourlot, Paris.

FYI: Dallas based Braniff International Airways commissioned Alexander Calder to paint a full-size Douglas DC-8-62 airliner as a “flying canvas.” Models of the aircraft were sent to Calder at his studio in France in November of 1972, and work commenced. Braniff announced the Calder collaboration to the public on June 4, 1973. ¬†This lithograph is one from a set of six comprising The Flying Colors Collection commemorating this historic project.


Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 35 x 6 x 41 in