Theodore de Bry

Theodore de BryHe was an engraver, draftsman and book editor and publisher who became famous for his depictions of early European expeditions to the Americas. His name has also been written as Dietrich de Bry, Theodoor de Bry and Dirk de Bry. De Bry was born 1528 in Liege, in modern-day Belgium, to a wealthy protestant family. As a man he trained as a goldsmith and engraver, engraving into copper plates. Around 1570, when the Catholic Spanish begun to persecute Flemish Protestants, de Bry fled to Strasbourg. In 1578 he moved to Frankfurt am Main and founded an engraving and publishing workshop. Around 1586-1588 he moved to London for a time, met geographer Richard Hakluyt and began to collect stories and illustrations of various European explorations. At the same time his family moved permanently to Frankfurt am Main and when he returned there in 1589, he began to plan new publications with his sons Johannes Theodorus de Bry and Johannes Israel de Bry.

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Theodore de Bry’s Artwork

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