Liat Polotsky

YoungLiatAn Israeli artist, eighth generation in Israel. Born in Jerusalem (1942). Lives and works in Jerusalem. For many years has painted mainly in watercolors, exhibiting her work since the mid-1970s and until the late 1990s. During this time she has occasionally experimented with additional techniques – mixed watercolor technique, wooden geometrical objects painted with industrial colors, pencil sketches and silk prints.

Towards the end of the twentieth century she has taken a new path; First, she started painting with oil on canvas, and second, she joined the Israeli Miniature Art Society and began participating in miniature art shows in Israel and around the world. Today she paints using several techniques: watercolors, oil on canvas and etchings. Her acquaintance with etchings began while staying in the International Center for Arts (Cité Internationale des Arts) in Paris during 2006.

Liat’s works has been exhibited in Israel, United state of America, France, Holland, United Kingdom, Rumania, Canada and Australia.

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Liat Polotsky’s Artwork


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