Lauri Waterfield

Lauri WaterfieldFor over twenty years, Lauri Waterfield had a very successful career as a textile designer. She was creating artwork for bedding collections, bath products and sportswear for clients such as: Martha Stewart, Ralph Lauren, Waverly Home Fashions and Nascar Racing.

Currently you are as likely to find Lauri painting streamside as tramping the bird fields, armed with camera and shotgun. As an Orvis endorsed fly-fishing guide she has spent days teaching clients on the water, and evenings painting their trophies. Always happy to share a fishing tale, Lauri paints the scenes that appeal to her in an attempt to share the moment with the viewer. Her discovery of ‚Äúplein air painting‚ÄĚ in recent months has added a new dimension to her painting.

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Lauri Waterfield’s Artwork

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