Käthe Kollwitz

Kathe KollwitzPainter and sculptor, Käthe Kollwitz (1867-1945) was born as Käthe Schmidt in Königsberg, Germany July 8,1867. Kollwitz took drawing lessons in Köningsberg and studied at the Berlin School for Female Artists.

After short stays in Munich and Köningsberg, she moved to Berlin and married Dr. Karl Kollwitz in 1891. Hans, her first child was born in 1892, Peter was born in 1896.

In the beginning of her career Käthe Kollwitz encountered many difficulties. In those days women could not start a successful career easily. In 1893, the jury of the Great Berlin Art Exhibition rejected her work. Six years later Käthe Kollwitz entered the Berlin Secession.

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Kathe Kollwitz’s Artwork

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