Fen Rascoe


As a kid, Fen Rascoe was always drawing, but it wasn’t until high school that he began any formal training that continued in college with several painting classes. Even though his love for art did not not fade it was several years later until he picked up the brush again.

His goal as an artist is to transform an ordinary everyday subject into an extraordinary unique visual experience that allows the viewer to passionately reconnect with an otherwise familiar and unemotional object or figure. By loosely handling oil paint with soothing limited colors, he seeks to achieve harmony within the supporting peripheral areas of his painting while leaving more intense non-natural colors for the tighter focal point. Whether painting in Plein Air or in the studio, Fen strives to simplify his subject into a non-rendered and uncomplicated three dimensional artistic tale that allows the viewer to actively jump in and become part of the experience. Some of his influences are Edgar Payne, Aldro T Hubbard, Joshua Been, Ken Auster and Larry Moore, he strives to combine his love of the outdoors with Alla Prima Impressionism in oil.

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Fen Rascoe’s Artwork

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