Emmanuel Sweert

Emmanuel SweertIn 1612, Emmanuel Sweert , a Dutch artist and florist, issued this florilegium at Frankfurt-am-Main, with engravings that he copied from de Bry’s “Florilegium” of 1611. His combination of professions made him well-known among naturalists and botanists of the time.

The work served as both a picture-book of plants and a sale catalogue of the plants that he stocked and which could be purchased at the stall he rented at the Frankfurt Fair. Later editions, from which these plates come, were published as true florilegia for both scientists and experts in the culture of such fine specimens. . “[In the dedication] Sweert states that it was Rudolf II [Emperor of Hapsburg] who encouraged him to depict the more rare and unusual flowers in his collection and to have them etched in copper..”..

Emmanuel Sweert’s Artwork

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