Elaine Sweiry

falsettoElaine Sweiry was born and educated in London, and immigrated to Israel in her early twenties. She lives in Ramat Hasharon with her family. Elaine is basically a self taught artist who uses various materials in her creations. She participates in many local artists’ fairs and gallery exhibitions, as well as private homes.

Her favorite subjects are human figures in different settings and scenarios. Leaning to the scenes of everyday life, her works focus on romance and simplicity: in coffee houses, restaurants, theater, girlfriend’s enjoying each others company, a little flirtation, cocktails, etc……always with a little added humor.

Elaine’s artwork has been exhibited in the UK, USA and Israel. She has participated in several international shows.

“Lately I have been experimenting with jewelry and gifts for children, but drawing and creating different characters will always be my passion.”

Elaine Sweiry’s Artwork

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