Libby Eckert

EckertHerLibby Eckert, a native Virginian from the Shenandoah Valley, has had a life-long love of painting. She studied art at Mary Washington College and has done graduate work at University of Southern California and the University of Virginia.

Libby’s style of painting, technique and use of palette makes her work easily recognizable and very distinctive. Her paintings and miniatures reflect an infallible eye for the details of the Virginia countryside. A frequent visitor and part-time resident of the Outer Banks, she also captures the many moods of the sea and sky in painting. Paintings of the rural countryside, Victorian houses or breathtaking seascapes are brought into sharp focus with attention to detail and color.

Ms. Eckert has received numerous awards and commissions, her paintings are in many private collections both here in the states and abroad.

Libby Eckert’s Artwork

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