Connie Cruise

ConnieinRockerConnie Cruise was born in central Virginia in 1968. The oldest of three children, she has a younger brother and sister. As a child, she much preferred to spend her free time reading or sketching. She would spend hours getting the details of her favorite cartoon character or animal just right!

In the fall of 1983, Connie moved with her family to the Outer Banks of NC. She attended Manteo High School where she took her first art classes. Surrounded by the beaches, marshlands and all kinds of wildlife, she discovered a deeper appreciation for the beauty of nature and captured it on paper with her sketches.

After getting married and starting a family, she put aside her sketchbook and paints for awhile. Being a mother and housewife was a full time job with not much time for art. Years later, having tried different jobs but never really feeling satisfied with what she was doing, she has now decided to return to her art. As Connie has returned to her first love she can now appreciate the “gift” she has. She is learning as she goes, striving to grow as an artist and appreciating the journey along the way. She has taken art classes from local artists, as well as some online courses over the years.

Just recently, for a challenge, she decided to try her hand at gardening …..and found another love. Now she loves to be outside working with her plants, flowers etc, getting up close and personal with nature. Gardening has now been added to her list of favorite things to do, right along with reading, drawing and painting.

Connie lives in North Eastern NC with her family.

Connie Cruise’s Artwork

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