26th International Miniature Art Show

“Miniature art is often referred to as “the little jewels of the art world” and enjoys continued growth in popularity worldwide”.

**Please Note:¬†The artwork for the 26th IMAS ¬†is currently for sale. ¬†If purchasing online, please be sure to click ‚Äúapply coupon miniship‚ÄĚ to activate the free shipping. ¬†However the art must¬†remain at the gallery until the end of the show, at which time we will ¬†ship it ¬†free within the continental USA. Call or email us with any questions concerning the show, or other gallery art. Deadline for arrival of artwork entering the miniature show is April 22, 2017.

If you are having trouble with the shopping cart please call 1-800-828-2444 (10 – 5 est) or send an email to info@seasideart.com.

May 6 РJune 3, 2017

Each year the show exhibits around 550-600 works of art by talented artists from all around the globe.¬† Some of the world’s most renowned miniature artists participate each year.¬† We are accepting artwork now for this show.

Click here for 2017  prospectus.

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