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Pat Williams

Pat Williams

Pat WilliamsPat Williams, born 1931 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, came to Tidewater, Virginia area as a child. In 1978, her three children grown, she attended Tidewater Community College for three semesters, focusing on drawing, painting and design. With the exception of numerous workshops, she is mostly a self-taught artist.

In 1987 Pat moved to her Nags Head beach cottage and began painting seriously. Her love for the Outer Banks developed the desire to capture, on canvas, the ambiance of the natural beauty of the area that seems to be quickly disappearing. Due to the wind, sand and elements, Pat likes to study a subject in various lights at different times of the day. Sometimes she uses her camera, shooting from many different angles, bringing the images into her studio for the creating of the paintings. Recently, she has been resorting to memory and old photographs of yesterday.

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