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Nov 18, 2017 Take Painting Classes with Debra Keirce

Debra Keirce is known for her small, detailed paintings. In these classes, she shares her process for adding the final layers, bringing paintings she has started to a final finish.
You will paint an original work, on top of a 6 inch square underpainting Debra has created especially for you.
All skill levels are welcome. Registration encouraged, but drop-ins also welcome.
The art you take home will be 100% yours, built on the drawing, value, and colors Debra has already provided you with. You will be able to ask questions and learn techniques. You will have the confidence to create more art on your own.
Come learn fun ways to finish paintings.
There are only 2 classes on November 18th. One class starts at noon and the other at 3. For the noon class, you will be creating an orchid and the take away will be learning to make the center of interest in your painting shine. For the 3pm class featuring seashells, you will go home knowing more about how to use edges to create more realism in your paintings. Registration fee is $45 for each class and includes: Detailed instruction by the artist, art supplies, and a 1 of a kind painting you will complete!
Send us an email to or give us a call 252-441-5418 to sign up for classes. Click Debra Keirce to see her art.