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Latham Art Show-2016

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The esteemed three-artist exhibition features Karen Latham and her daughters, Rebecca and Bonnie. Each member is internationally recognized for their distinctive interpretations of the wildlife they endear. The family is inspired by their love of the outdoors, from their home in Minnesota to their travels throughout the country. The award winning Lathams are renowned for their realistic expression of wildlife with mesmerizing detail in their paintings of animals, birds, and nature. It is as if one can reach into the painting and pet the animals’ fur.

Red Alert, watercolor by Karen Latham

Red Alert, watercolor by Karen Latham

The Latham family’s shared love of celebrating wildlife in art has raised thousands of dollars for wildlife and conservation through their works featured worldwide. The family’s art works are in galleries and museums in the United States and abroad. They are associated with many art and miniature societies in Australia, Canada, England, Europe, Italy and the United States, to name a few.

The Art Exhibition can be seen at Seaside Art Gallery from November 26th through December 31, 2016. A special catered reception will be held at the gallery on Saturday November 26th, from 7pm – 9pm. H’ordeuvres will be served and attendees can meet the artists, Karen, Rebecca and Bonnie, in person. The reception is open and free to the public.

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