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J. J. Audubon

J.J. Audubon

J. J. AudubonOne of America’s first wildlife artists, John James Audubon has a name synonymous with conservation, but his realization about protecting the environment came late in his lifetime. He was an avid hunter, who killed the specimens depicted in his publications, but his in-depth studies have left a strong awareness of the beauties and complexities of nature. No artist before him or after has painted the lives of birds on such a heroic scale.

Audubon was born in Santa Domingo, now Haiti in 1785. He was the natural son of Jean Audubon, who was a successful French naval officer, merchant, planter, and slave dealer and Jeanne Rabine, a Creole that he met on a voyage to Santo Domingo. At the age of six, he had arrived in France, where his father and his father’s legal wife lovingly raised him. The young Audubon was educated among the upper classes. By age 15, he was drawing French birds, and by age 17, he was studying drawing in Paris.

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