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Humming Bees

EM Corsa – The Humming Bees

My rosemary bush decided to begin blooming on New Year’s Day, reminding me of the warmth of spring. So I offer you a tale from The Crooked Little House to light your soul and bring dreams of springtime on a cold winter night.

THE HUMMING BEES (from The Crooked Little House Beastiary)
by E.M. Corsa

humming bees
On a vibrantly sunny day in early March, humming could be heard emanating from the rosemary bush. The intoxicating scent of the herb filled the air, and the multitude of purple flowers drew the girls in closer. They had practiced their hums throughout the winter. Settling on a flowering stalk, each bee looked to their leader and began to hum, softly at first then stronger as their excitement grew, It was evident that Violet, who had missed 414 minutes of practice, was humming, but definitely not in tune. Poor Violet was grounded and stripped of what little pollen she had gathered.

Lesson Learned: Perhaps you were born to be a soloist.

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