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Denise Romecki – Wave Sculptures

My ocean wave sculptures have traveled to many places reminding people of their special experience at the shore. Celebrating the power and beauty of the ocean is an on-going theme in my ceramic work. It can be a graceful dance or an exploding crash of energy. And then there is also the healing energy one feels by simply sitting and watching the endless rhythmic swell of the surf.

GiantConchfrontThis past year I was honored to be asked to create nine wave sculptures that were then presented as awards to different businesses by the Erie Times News in my hometown of Erie, PA. Located on the shores of Lake Erie, waves also have a significant symbolism in that area. This July one of my waves travels to the Boston Museum of Fine Art to be displayed at the annual American Society of Interior Designers event. And this past January I designed a special function wave to hold an electronic charger that was displayed at the international Consumers Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. One of my waves even made it to the desert!

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