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Dan Dunn

Dan Dunn

Dan DunnDan Dunn is a painter who paints his environment as he sees and feels it. Working from this personal vision, he joins a long line of artists who, in doing their work, have left us with a clearer and more intimate view of the world.

From California, he moved at an early age to Florida and in a very short time developed a lasting love for the sea. His training began at the age of fifteen when he began dreaming, drawing, designing and eventually building boats; boats upon which he sailed, lived and painted. He came to love “that way of life”. He is able to support this lifestyle that he loves without compromising either his art or his love for freedom. Over the years, he has continued with fewer distractions, his pursuit of understanding light and space, color and form, as it manifests itself in wind and waves, shape and design.

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