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Beverly Abbott – Trip to Sunny, Warm Florida? part 2

Ira and I stayed healthy this year and was able to make the trip to see the Miniature Art Society of Florida’s 41 International Miniature Art Show in Dunedin, FL Jan 16-17.  It was a fun four days renewing old friendships and making new friends, especially meeting the artists visiting from England.  We got a kick out of the different ways of using and speaking the English language.  Some of us who are members of the World Federation of Miniaturists are working to further the exhibition of international art.  Saturday evening, after the Patrons Day opening, the artists were invited to the Stirling Art Studios and Gallery in old town Dunedin to socialize.  Sunday morning was taken up with the Awards Brunch where we had excellent food and service.  As the awards were announced the winning art was exhibited on a large screen.  It is a challenge to paint tiny and have the art project well as a 4’ x 5’ image on a screen.  Those artists present were able to receive recognition for their art with enthusiastic applause.  Total entry for the MASF show was 628 paintings and sculptures.  My own “Surf Fishing II” received 3rd Place in Oils out of a competition of 213 entries in Oils.  I am happy to write that my art received an award in five out of the six competitions I entered last fall.

Putting On the Brakes - Osprey by Beverly Abbott

Putting On the Brakes – Osprey by Beverly Abbott

In the afternoon, the yearly annual meeting of the Miniature Artists of America was held, whereas the Membership Chairman, I was able to give my report in person.  I also served as one of five Judges to serve on the Candidates Selection Committee to select new members to honor with the designation of a Signature Member denoting their continuing excellence in painting miniatures.  Sunday evening a large group enjoyed dinner together at the Fishcamp Restaurant.

Monday and Tuesday I demonstrated how I paint miniatures in  oil and explained the substrata I use and why I like to use the supplies I have chosen.  I also have samples for the visitors to touch to give them a better understanding of the materials.  We took English artist Michael Coe out to dinner both nights as he was visiting without a car as well as the prior Friday night.  I could not resist my weakness for sculpture and purchased a tiny bronze of an English Blue Titmouse from English sculptor Paul Eaton.  I just love sculpture.

For four days I was able to indulge my senses in beautiful art and conversations about art.  I am looking forward to seeing the changes in my art as time progresses.  I find painting miniatures to be addictive and truly enjoy creating my tiny works of art.


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