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Beverly Abbott – Trip to NH, Canada, NY and PA part 3

Most places that are flying the Flag today are flying it at half mast as it is September 11. We have taken the scenic route through the Adirondack Park to Lake Placid, home of the 1980 Olympic Games. Stopped at the town park in Harrisville, NY to take photographs of the Oswegathachie River and Falls. It was a lovely little park and since it was early, no one was around, so we could enjoy the river in solitude. Later we reached the Whiteface Mountain and drove up to the castle at the top. Though a replica of a real castle it is not very large and houses a restaurant and small gift shop. It was cool and windy so we did not stay very long only to talk few photos looking over the valley to distant mountains. Stopping by the Ausable River to take photos of the rapids we took a short trail up the river where Ira was able to photograph several Mergansers. By the time I arrived they had moved but I could still their calls to each other. There was poison ivy everywhere so we had to be very careful where we stepped.

Beverly Abbott painting of Ruby Throat HummingbirdThe next day we traveled south along Rt 30 and happened across the Adirondack Museum. There is a large collection of old buildings from the Adirondack region with most in the rustic style of building and decorating with the creative use of tree branches to make intricate designs. We spent several hours wondering the museum grounds and having lunch. While driving back toward the motel, I spied two turkeys hunting bugs along side the road. I rolled down the car window and took photographs as they calmly walked by the car paying no attention to us. The sun was glinting off the metallic shine of their feathers. That night we had the worse meal of the vacation and it was very expensive with small portions, but after visiting a gift shop, we stopped at an ice cream store and had the most divine raspberry ice cream with ribbons of raspberry swirling through it and chocolate chips filled with raspberry.

Leaving the Adirondacks we stopped several times to take a few more scenic photographs. There was a long stretch of road where the traffic was almost stopped then all of a sudden for no apparent reason it cleared up and traffic resumed speed. We were on the road for 12 hours that day. Much much longer than I like. We finally reached the motel at 8 pm in Strasburg, PA. Ira had a bad night. It turns out he was allergic to the duck feather pillows from China the motel used. His right eye was swollen completely shut, his eyes looked black and blue, his forehead and neck were also swollen. He looked like he had been in a bar fight. I drove him to an urgent care clinic for an allergy shot and pills. Soon he was at least able to see. We enjoyed lunch at the Plain and Fancy Farm Restaurant, visited a quilt shop, general store and farmers market. We took to the back roads in search of cows to photograph and found a few along with the ubiquitous horse and buggies, and a covered bridge. Enjoyed more good food at the Bird in Hand Restaurant and Smorgasbord. Found a few more cows and three great working horses who were posing for me along with a beautiful sunset

All good things must come to an end and the next day we left for home. Fortunately it was easy traveling all day since we were coming around Baltimore and Washington DC early in the day. We enjoyed good company, wonderful sights, took over 2,000 photographs, ate excellent food, and best of all with all that I gained only one pound. I hope you have enjoyed reading about my most excellent vacation.

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