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Beverly Abbott – Trip to NH, Canada, NY and PA part 2

The next day we drove into Canada, breezing through customs, on our way to Ottawa to attend a family wedding. It was nice meeting new people and a novel experience as the wedding was conducted in French and a bit of English in a beautiful old stone church.

strawberriesincrystalBy now it is Labor Day and we are traveling on to Toronto to young Ira’s home. Stopped in Kingston for lunch and found a tiny jewelry store that sold Baltic amber. It was beautiful but I resisted buying any. On Tuesday Ira and I, Ira and Shelley decided to visit Algonquin Park north of Toronto stopping here and there for me to take more photographs. Saw a young red fox trotting alongside the road but was able to take only a couple photos of him as he was moving quickly. Later saw a Great Blue Heron. It never ceases to amaze me the wide environment these magnificent birds live can survive in. I have seen them in Alaska, southern most tip of Florida, and now in Canada. I believe my best photographs in the area were taken at Costello Creek where there was an interestingly shaped large rock casting reflections in the creek with various wildflowers in the foreground. Unfortunately we did not see any large animals that day. On Wednesday the Ira’s and I went to the Toronto Zoo for a few hours. It was extremely hot for Canada, 94 degrees and all the animals wanted to do was rest in the shade. They did have about six months old polar bear, zebra, white lion cubs, two panda cubs, and an Indian rhino that were cute. The next day was much more enjoyable as we went to the Royal Ontario Museum to see the Dale Chuhuly glass exhibit. This is the third time I have seen this overwhelmingly magnificent display of art glass. There are huge arrangements of shapes, sizes, and brilliant swirling colors to dazzle the eye. This artist was overwhelmed to walk by and through the exhibit and to appreciate what creative artists Mr. Chuhuly and his staff really are. There were descriptions throughout the exhibit explaining how his inspiration was derived. All of life’s experiences contribute to an artists creativity and the smallest thing can be a catalyst for growth. I walked through the oriental section of the museum and admired the ancient style of art and saw a bit of the ancient Greek and Roman statuary and art. By then it was time to leave and pick up Shelley from work. The drive out of downtown Toronto at rush hour was, at times, a terrifying experience for this country loving girl. We did stop at a Mongolian Restaurant for another wonderful meal. The following day was a time to rest and recuperate. By September 10th it was time to start heading home. Giving in to temptation we stopped at the amber store in Kingston and after much deliberation I purchased two bracelets of butter amber that I could make into jewelry with my own style. Had another great lunch and headed to the border, breezing through with almost no traffic line. Spent the night in Watertown, NY as it is a good mid way point.

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