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Berge Missakian – Painting from My Heart

While listening to Jazz music in my studio I start painting – working quickly and rarely stopping until the work is complete. I begin with large brushes to apply areas of brilliant and intense color – using 50 up to 80 brushes for any given painting to always have fresh and clean areas, thus avoiding the labored look; my color schemes seem arbitrary based only on my own intuition. As the forms begin to come together, I stop and look at the canvas at all angles – making sure that I captured the feeling and the colors; it is at this point, that I put my signature in order to make it part of the whole composition.

Once a painting is complete I never go back to it; I want my canvas to only retain my feelings and imagination of a specific time and a unique visualization experience. At this point, I am ready to invite the viewer to communicate with my painting. It is now the viewer’s own Jazz!

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