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Roundtable: The Ins and Outs of Selling Art

Experienced gallery owners discuss what they’ve learned over the years about the art business. What does it take to be a successful gallery owner in terms of art knowledge, business background and personality traits?
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The Colors of Jazz

Berge Missakian blends disciplined techniques and visualization with the free-flowing rhythms of jazz to create soulful paintings that celebrate life.
Full Article by Joe Jancsurak

Market Forecast

by Joe Jancsurak There’s enough good news out there among the leading economic indicators to leave art market experts feeling cautiously optimistic as 2007 gets underway. The good news consists of an unemployment rate (about 4.5 percent) that is near its lowest level since May 2001 and a 1 percent increase in wages and benefits during the third quarter of 2006, the most since 2004.
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Mini’s Are In

Americas culture today may embrace all that is large “super-sized meals,” hypermarkets, and six-bedroom “cribs” are all the rage. Rarely do the media emphasize entities that are small, detailed and refined. But when it comes to the art world, miniature is “in.” A gallery in North Carolina, for example, reports that its annual miniature art show has grown from about 100 works of art to 500, with prices ranging up to $2,000. And a leading “miniaturist” confidently predicts that the value of contemporary art will continue to grow steadily.
Full Article by Jane Hart

Seaside Art Gallery nears 50 years as Outer Banks Favorite

Full Article by Mary Ellen Riddle

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