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  • EarthWindFireWAterUF

    How to Get the Most Out of a Painting Class

    By Chelsea Reed Participating in a live painting class by a renowned artist is truly special. You can pick up remarkable tips to paint your own artwork and have a moment to get to know the artist personally. When a special opportunity like this comes …

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  • Thesecret

    5 Ways to Get Inspired About Art in the Fall

    By Chelsea Reed  It’s not hard to enjoy the fall season in the Outer Banks. Locals and visitors from near and far often pine for this time of year on the ‘ribbon of sand’ to experience the crisp air, gorgeous skies, and especially remarkable views …

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  • Lady

    3 Reasons Why Animation Art is Growing Popular this Year

    By Chelsea Reed Who isn’t familiar with shows like Snow White, Tom and Jerry, and Bugs Bunny? These animations that have brought us happiness and laughter are increasing in value in the animation art market. Did you know that the animated celluloid sheets (“cels”), storyboards, …

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  • Autumnriches

    Fall is Here! Celebrate With These 7 Beautiful Paintings

    By Chelsea Reed The golden glow of autumn trees – it’s a moment that many of us wait for all year. Some even dedicate themselves to trekking across the United States for fall foliage trips. But what if you don’t want to travel, or haven’t …

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  • Rembrandt Harmensz Van Rijn

    5 Famous Etchings that Made Remarkable History

    By Chelsea Reed  Sometimes it’s just essential for us to go back and observe the masters, and the etchings by famous artists are no exception. These pioneers of art paved the way for new art styles to be made possible in both etching and painting …

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  • Guidinglight

    These 7 Splendid Lighthouse Art Pieces are Wonderful Decorations

    By Chelsea Reed  While home design trends come and go over the years, lighthouse themes continue to be a golden classic. These important public safety structures in American history are time-honored cultural landmarks that also happen to look very attractive as decorations in coastal homes. …

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  • Playinginthesurf

    6 Beautiful Paintings that will Help You Cool Off this Summer

    By Chelsea Reed The temperatures may rise to uncomfortable levels in the dog days of summer, but you don’t have to suffer from them.  Take a look at these paintings the next time you’re escaping the heat to cool off and enjoy art at the …

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  • Aurora

    Artist Signatures – How Do They Impact the Value of Art?

    Signed in pencil, signed in the plate, what does all of this mean? The way a print is signed and it’s impact on the value of the art causes a great deal of confusion. You will see prints that are unsigned, signed in the plate, …

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  • Reflections

    How to Choose the Best Paint Brushes

    By Chelsea Reed As the knife is essential to a chef and the compass is to an explorer, so is the paint brush to an artist. The best brushes become an extension of the artist’s hand and mind. That’s why it’s important to know how …

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  • Bluebrothers

    How to Enjoy the Plein Air Painting Experience

    By Chelsea Reed Have you heard about plein air painting? It’s an art technique that has been used by famous masters like Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Meaning “in the open air” in French, plein air is essentially painting outdoors and can be enjoyed by …

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  • Waituntildark

    5 Art Pieces That Will Make You Feel Patriotic

    By Chelsea Reed Looking at fine art is fun and an excellent opportunity for us to reflect on the courage, sacrifice, and triumph of the Founding Fathers of the United States this Independence Day weekend. It’s also a nice family activity while you’re waiting for …

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  • Threemen

    7 Easy and Fun Ways to Display Art

    By  Chelsea Reed Decorating your home with art can be as creative as the content in the artwork itself! You don’t have to do anything fancy to make it look good in a room, either. From paintings to sculptures, you can do these seven simple …

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  • Bestwishes

    What is Underpainting?

    Underpainting, toning, imprimatura, open grisaille, closed grisaille, ebauche, color wash, dead coloring. All of these terms describe paint layers artists apply before the final visible strokes in artworks. It can be confusing, because different schools of art over the centuries have used different terms. Each school …

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  • Pals

    5 Pieces of Art that Will Warm Your Heart and Honor Dad

    By Chelsea Reed Dads, stepdads, grandfathers, and father figures – they’re all important people who have guided us in our lives. They’ve helped us tie our shoes, taught us how to play sports, and showed us how to succeed in the world by thinking for …

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  • Beachdaze

    6 Delightful Outer Banks Places That Will Make You Want to Paint

    By Chelsea Reed Traveling to scenic places is a popular way for artists to fuel their painting inspiration. But what if you don’t have the means to fly to France or Italy? No worries! You can still find your creative muse right here on the …

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  • Therescueofcorpscott

    What Does Memorial Day Look Like in Art?

    By Chelsea Reed Depictions of the military in artwork have been recorded by war artists in the United States since the first Revolutionary War. These special artists documented the visual aspects of war that were difficult to capture in written journals and historical accounts. Some, …

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  • Spring

    6 Things You Need to Know About Storing Miniature Art

    By Chelsea Reed Whether it’s a growing collection of your favorite artist or an inventory of your own artwork, storing miniature art is a simple task that’s often taken for granted. But did you know there are certain things you can do to prolong the …

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  • Pussywillows

    How to Paint Miniature Art the First Time

    Have you heard of miniature artwork before? They’re a special form of original art. Known for their graceful gemlike quality, miniatures contain all the mastery of their larger counterparts rendered into a smaller scale, resulting in a beautiful viewing of fine detail rarely seen elsewhere. …

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  • Ibis At Sunset024

    How Color Psychology in Art Works, Part 2

    By Chelsea Reed Welcome back! In continuation of our exploration in color psychology, we will now look at the rest of the colors in the spectrum to see how they impact our responses in art therapy. Green:  Balancing Success and Conscience This color from plants …

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  • Streamomglight

    How Color Psychology In Art Works: Part 1

    by Chelsea Reed Colors are a powerful tool for artists, art therapists, and designers to communicate with. Some colors even affect our brainpower, appetite, and feelings! While colors are subject to different individual and cultural interpretations, researchers are making a few discoveries that reveal how …

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  • Daybreak

    5 Surprising Ways Art Can Make Your Life Better

    It’s easy to conclude that we feel good when we look at art. Whether the taste is for contemporary themes, classic styles, sculptures, still life, or ceramics, the desire for art is mutual even in those who consider themselves as not artistic. But this mutual …

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  • Bev With Bison Buddy

    Our next excursion after the Society of Animal Artists weekend completed was a drive up to Yellowstone National Park.  The drive through southern Wyoming was rather boring.  That is shale oil country and even the sage (which grows in very poor soil) was having a …

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  • Beverly Abbott miniature art

    Beverly Abbott – Trip to NH, Canada, NY and PA part 3

    Most places that are flying the Flag today are flying it at half mast as it is September 11. We have taken the scenic route through the Adirondack Park to Lake Placid, home of the 1980 Olympic Games. Stopped at the town park in Harrisville, …

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  • Naturesarchitectamericanbeaver

    Beverly Abbott – Trip to NH, Canada, NY and PA part 2

    The next day we drove into Canada, breezing through customs, on our way to Ottawa to attend a family wedding. It was nice meeting new people and a novel experience as the wedding was conducted in French and a bit of English in a beautiful …

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  • Autumnmapleleaves1

    Beverly Abbott – Trip to NH, Canada, NY and PA part 1

    I recently had a fun vacation that was part research for future paintings and part family gathering. Our son flew down from Canada but because of an airline problem we picked him up at Dulles Airport instead of him flying down to the Norfolk airport. …

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  • SomethingBorrowedUF

    Debra Keirce – Why Do I Paint Miniatures?

    I have had the opportunity to answer this question since the early 2000’s when I began entering miniature fine art shows. Originally, I researched groups and genres in the art world that focus on tightly rendered, highly detailed realism. I learned about photorealism, hyperrealism, fantasy …

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  • Vogel

    The Importance of Art Collectors

    Did you know that most museums and art galleries wouldn’t be here today without the support of art collectors? It’s true! Thanks to these individuals’ fervent love for the arts, the art industry lives on for our future generations to enjoy.   What does it …

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  • Salute

    Debra Keirce – Vacations That Inspire – Venice

    Well… A few years ago I got this idea that if I could only find a group of artist friends to collaborate with, good things would happen. Fast forward, and WAM-Women.Artists.Mentors. has evolved beyond my wildest dreams. The more we interact, the more we inspire …

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  • Bellthecat

    Debra Keirce – Vacations That Inspire – Tokyo

    Tokyo has never been on my bucket list. Venice has never been on my bucket list. Oh, Italy is on the list – Rome, Tuscany, Florence are on there. But Venice? It’s sinking into water nobody can swim in. I’m allergic to mold. Why would …

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  • Roughstockside

    The Wonderful World of Sculpture

    Rodin’s The Thinker. Michelangelo’s Pieta. New York City’s Statue of Liberty. These sculptures are just a few of many examples throughout millennia that demonstrate our instinctive desire to create art. Unlike other art forms, the sculpture allows us to experience the artist’s perspective of life …

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  • Freespirits

    Horses in Art: A Dynamic Relationship between Humans and Animals

    Few animals have marked mankind to the extent as the horse. Like the indelible ink on manuscripts that have stood the test of time, horses have helped us write the chronicles of our story on planet earth. Out of all the animals we have encountered …

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  • Frisky

    Dogs in Art: The Fascinating Background of an Artist’s Best Friend

    People and dogs have been inseparable since time began. Friend, helper, hunter and worker, the dog is a remarkable animal that has adapted to our lifestyles and circumstances for thousands of years. Did you know that over 78 million dogs live in United States households …

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  • Sunsetyellownorangerose

    Beverly Abbott – Trip to Sunny, Warm Florida? part 2

    Ira and I stayed healthy this year and was able to make the trip to see the Miniature Art Society of Florida’s 41 International Miniature Art Show in Dunedin, FL Jan 16-17.  It was a fun four days renewing old friendships and making new friends, …

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  • Beverly Abbott – Trip to Sunny, Warm Florida? (NOT), part 1

    Hoping to escape the winter weather, my husband and I decided to leave for Florida a week before the Florida Miniature Art Show opening weekend Jan. 16-17, 2016 in Dunedin, Florida at the Dunedin Fine Art Center.  The first activity we enjoyed was visiting the …

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  • Abouttopounce

    Cats In Art – An Intriguing Portrayal of Cats Throughout the Ages

    Cats In Art – An Intriguing Portrayal of Cats Throughout the Ages  Take a look around on the internet, and it’s easy to see how cats have captured our hearts and imaginations. From their adorable faces and charming independence to their hilarious acrobatic maneuvers, felines …

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  • SomethingBorrowedUF

    Debra Keirce – Behind the Scenes at a Painting Demonstration

    Did you ever wonder what a painting demonstration looks and feels like from an artist’s point of view? Well, I just did one last week, so while the experience is fresh in my memory, I thought I’d share. (Actual events have been fictionalized to make …

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  • OceanVortexfront

    Denise Romecki – Wave Sculptures

    My ocean wave sculptures have traveled to many places reminding people of their special experience at the shore. Celebrating the power and beauty of the ocean is an on-going theme in my ceramic work. It can be a graceful dance or an exploding crash of …

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  • Humming Bees

    EM Corsa – The Humming Bees

    My rosemary bush decided to begin blooming on New Year’s Day, reminding me of the warmth of spring. So I offer you a tale from The Crooked Little House to light your soul and bring dreams of springtime on a cold winter night. THE HUMMING …

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  • Optimistssail

    Suzanne Morris – Why Paint Alla Prima?

    I am a classically trained in oil painter. For the first few years as a fine artist, my oil on canvas paintings took months to complete. I would paint a layer, blend the brushstrokes out, let it dry, and come back a week or so …

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  • Solitary Bison 4ea1cf4a05a4c

    Beverly Abbott – My Travels West – part 1

    Blackwater Falls State Park, Davis, West Virginia was out first stop on our journey to Denver, Colorado and the Society of Animal Artists Annual Show in August 2014.  That evening my husband and I took photographs of small falls near the old stately lodge where …

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