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5 Art Pieces That Will Make You Feel Patriotic

By Chelsea Reed

Looking at fine art is fun and an excellent opportunity for us to reflect on the courage, sacrifice, and triumph of the Founding Fathers of the United States this Independence Day weekend. It’s also a nice family activity while you’re waiting for the cookout and fireworks! Some of the artwork can be spotted at Seaside Art Gallery. Can you tell which ones?

  1. Bald Eagle by Jim Carpenter

eaglesidecloseupThis mixed media wood carving is signed by the artist and captures a unique representation of the traditional bald eagle. It’s refreshing to see how this typically serious national raptor is relaxed in the natural setting of this piece. Fun fact: Jim Carpenter has won numerous awards, and his work has been displayed at the North Carolina Museum of History and the Governor’s Mansion.

  1. Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze

What American citizen doesn’t know about this iconic historical painting? It was created by the German-American artist Leutze in 1851 to inspire patriotism in Germany. Though the original artwork was damaged by fire while Leutze was working on it and destroyed in a World War II bombing, Leutze made another version that is what we see today.

  1. Flag Spool Ornament by Carolyn Lloyd Swain

Patriotic art can have a fun side, too! Isn’t this little hand-painted ornament delightful? Sized at 1 ¾ by 2 ½ inches, its convenient size can be displayed anywhere. It’s a novel idea as a tree ornament, too. Christmas in July, anyone?

  1. Wait Until Dark by Suzanne Morris

The artist uses the outside Plein Air painting technique in this painting. It comes from the French term “en Plein Air,” which means “in the open air.” Suzanne Morris is demonstrating how Plein Air painting works on July 13th, 2017 at Seaside Art Gallery during their Roll & Stroll event.

  1. Declaration of Independence by John Trumbull

Not to be confused with the actual signing of the Declaration of Independence, the scene in this painting features the Founding Fathers presenting the draft of the document to the newly formed Continental Congress. Trumbull, an American artist during the period of the American Revolutionary War, carefully studied the Founding Fathers in real life. He was able to find likenesses of 42 of the 56 original signers. He also visited Independence Hall in Philadelphia and closely recreated it to make his piece come to life. You may be lucky enough to have this painting in your pocket. We see this painting on the back of the U.S. two dollar bill today.

These art pieces, of course, are just a sample of many others that have inspired patriotism everywhere for American citizens over the years. To inquire about Seaside Art Gallery’s American art collection for sale, you can contact the gallery here by phone, email, or visit them in person. Happy July 4th weekend!

Chelsea Reed is a freelance copywriter. She writes articles, blogs, websites and online content from her base in North Carolina.