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24th International Miniature Art Show Winners

You can see the entire show, click 24th International Miniature Art Show.

First off, I would like to thank every juror who has ever judged an art show! It was an extremely difficult task, and once I had a working list of top contenders, the final decisions were excruciating. The work was amazingly strong, and although I have seen them online, it just isn’t the same as seeing each piece in person. Now that I’ve been on the other side of jurying, I am so much more appreciative of every single award I have ever received. Congratulations to all of the artists who entered!  Judy Lalingo, judge

1st Place

sailingawaySailing Away by Jeffrey H. Craven

A masterful oil encompassing the timeless quality of 19th century American landscape painters. The mood is one of quiet solitude – a very powerful piece.





pewterpitcher2nd Place

Pewter Pitcher by Lynn Ponto Peterson

Classic still life rendered so perfectly that it takes your breath away.






boyandhischicken3rd Place

Boy and his Chicken by Vee Plunkett

This piece has so much emotional power, it brought me to tears. The choice of colors, the composition, the message – simply profound.




TheBarnyardWelcomingCommitteeWesBest Watercolor/Opaque

Barnyard Welcoming Committee by Wes Siegrist

A rich composition balancing man-made structures with confrontational cows while the intense colors shimmer with the heat of summer.




napno8Best Watercolor/Transparent

Nap #8 by David Drummond

Everything a transparent watercolor should be. Confident brushwork and fine draftsmanship. Strong contemporary choice of colors, composition and pose.



Best Oil

Preening Princess by Karla Mann

Wonderful handling of the medium. The graceful egret contrasted against the loose, rich greens of the background makes this excellent composition shine.





DontMesswithBillBest Acrylic

Don’t Mess with Bill by Linda Rossin

Red. Attitude. Superb technique. Pug. Linda Rossin at her very best.







Best Pastel

Muskrat Pond by Christine Bass

A fresh pastel piece. The colors are crisp, the composition simple and sure. The treatment of the reflections give this painting added depth and interest.





bezalelBest Etching/Engraving/Etc.

Bezalel by David Hunter

This etching is a great example of the strong design and drawing achievable with this medium. Interesting patterns and contrasts.





michaelBest Drawing

Michael by Camille Boyers

The textures of background and subject is used to express a very likable portrait – the artist has successfully captured a genuine personality.





gullsBest Sculpture/Metal

Touching the Surface by Paul Eaton

Such an elegant sculptural composition – its balance and design is engineered in such a way that the skimmers seem to sweep forward, each bird impeccably formed.





theraceBest Sculpture/Other

The Race by Nancy Lucks

The minute attention to details captures the life and death struggles of newly hatched baby sea turtles in this unique sculptural work.



firefliesattwilightBest Mixed/Encaustic/Collage

Fireflies at Twilight by Mary Serfass

The beautiful subtle colors in this piece are punctuated by the brilliant gold of fireflies – the layered paper creates a rich, multidimensional texture.





dunefenceBest Abstract

Dune Fence by Susan Triplehorn

Composition and strong contrasts of this intriguing piece suggests a surreal quality that hints at mystery. Simple and alluring.


muteswanPeople’s Choice Award

Mute Swan by Rebecca Latham

This piece was voted for by the collectors that have visited the show.